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Mission Statement

Fisher School honors all children while building a foundation for lifelong learning. Core Values

We are a respectful and inclusive community.

We provide a safe environment where responsibility and honesty are expectations.

We engage students with a challenging and rigorous curriculum.

We believe learning is a partnership between school, family, and community.

We are dedicated to continuous improvement. With effective effort and perseverance, students will achieve successes.  We encourage risk taking; as mistakes are an integral part of learning.

We foster the development of confident learners who can contribute to their community and find success in a diverse and evolving global society.

We hope you find the information contained at this location to be informative and beneficial. We encourage students, parents and community members to use this as a starting place to discover the people, classrooms and events that make Fisher School special.


What's Happening

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School handbook
The Elementary Student and Parent Handbook is now available for review by parents and students.  READ MORE... about Elementary Student and Parent Handbook
Further discussion of the scores will be conducted at the January 3 PAC Meeting  READ MORE... about Spring 2017 MCAS Summary


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