Email Notes

We are receiving reports that parents with Verizon email accounts are having difficulty receiving emails from the Principal's Newslists and perhaps Aspen large group distributions.  This appears to be related to strict filtering rules being applied by Verizon (now run on AOL servers) to mitigate SPAM from these types of distribution lists/mass-mailing systems.  This happened a few years ago with AOL, Hotmail/Livemail accounts.  There do not appear to be issues with Gmail accounts.
Here are some suggestions you can try to remedy this situation and ensure you receive school email:  
  • Check your SPAM folder - if you find school emails in the folder you should indicate that they are not SPAM
  • Add our domains to the Safe Senders or whitelist in your email client web interface.  You may need to do this in the full web interface, you might not be able to do this with a phone client, or with the mobile version of their site:
  • If the options above to not resolve the problem you can create a new Gmail account and advise your school of this email address change, the school needs to change this in Aspen.  
    • You'll need to subscribe to the Principal's email list(s) again with this gmail address
    • If you prefer not to use the Gmail account as you primary email, you can set up a forward in that gmail account to send all emails to your Verizon/AOL/Hotmail account